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~Welcome to Roneeland~
~Willkommen zu Roneeland~
~Recibir hasta Roneeland~
~Benvenuto verso Roneeland~
~Welkomstgroet voor Roneeland~
~Bienvenue A Roneeland~

Hello there,
I am Ronee from the magnificent Island of Mauritius
I like music-as long as it is not hard rock,nature,movies,sports and reading.
I speak English,French,Spanish and little Dutch,German and Italian.
I am a fervent fan of the Liverpool Fc,The English national team and Real Madrid.Concerning the sports i practice they are football,tennis,badminton and athletics.
I also like to travel to foreign countries.Spain and The Baltic Countries enchant me.I adore my little island though-a place worth to be Heaven on Earth-with all its wonderful beaches and marvels of nature.
~Enjoy your stay in roneeland~

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~Quotes of the Week~
If everytime she smiles to me,
I could pluck a star
today i would have
the whole sky in my hands.

"Love is blind, but friendship closes its eyes."

I'm not going to thank everybody that I ever met in my entire life...although with the way my mind has been going lately, probably everybody I've ever met in my entire life and in the other life I might have had something to do with this.

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~What's new~
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This is my wonder island (above)
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